Losing the work life

And so what would those things be? I’m guessing anything high tech that would bring in the most cash at the pawn shop.

Maybe the shops in poor areas don’t have ideal items?

What in the world is an idealistic lifestyle? The person that lives an ideal life? it may not be their ideal, it may be beneath their ideals. What’s a realist lifestyle? Ideals are thoughts that are goal centered. A realist is someone who lives according to the five senses. The lotto can be idealistic in a non ideal realist world because it is a simple truth in every town on every continent. People can be ambivalent. In times of cheap thrills go for the electronics. In times of law and order go for lotto tickets.

Poor people dream that their kids have a better life than themselves. Poor people want their kids to be successful and go to college. For a poor person who is a realist this is really idealistic thinking.

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For some of the poor buying a lottery ticket is as real as it gets, they do not understand the odds against them when they buy a lottery ticket instead of bread eggs or milk when at the convenience store where they get most of their groceries. But that lottery ticket or scratch off is a real investment for the poor, who thinks one of these times this will pay off for me. And may perhaps be their only realistic opportunity of ever getting wealthy.

Thanks for your input guys. Good things. Hope everyone has a good evening/day.

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The majority of the idealists I have enjoyed knowing are people who have a strong sense of community and whose ideals have them working towards improving it.

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