Losing so called friends

A friend I knew for 40 years, fell out with me because I wouldn’t meet her in London…I wanted to spend time with my son on this trip but she invited herself along and wouldn’t really meet me back home. My son is precious to me and I wanted to spend as much time with him as possible before he goes to university later. I had concert tickets for my birthday this summer, she demanded I pay her back the money for the concert as I still had the tickets and refused to go with me. She even had the cheek to say ‘‘I trust you will not be offended’’…I’ve known her since Primary school , clearly she’s not really a ‘‘friend’’ to me. who needs enemies when you have friends like that?

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That’s sad, it ending after 40 years. No way to fix this? I mean friends can quarrel and disagree sometimes…


40 years is a long time …

Surely you 2 can make up and remain friends.

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I would meet friends who came to a different city(I hope it wasn’t even further) hoping to meet me regardless of what busies me. I am unclear on the specifics but to me, you had to meet her, you could set the time and space and specify that you didn’t want her tagging along with your son, it could have been a drink in the evening, a coffee or literally anything else.

She asked you something you found inconvenient, meeting her in London, and fair enough but if you aren’t seeing the massive power play you pulled not meeting her at all after she was already there I have to break it to you but your friend did the only thing anyone with any self-respect would have done. She didn’t end your friendship, you did.

P.S. If I was in her shoes I would have felt mortified, humiliated even. She just picked the only thing she could leverage to feel a little less mortified, your concert tickets, it’s not that deep.

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Having friends is hard for me and a two way street.

I had one good friend for the longest time that stood by be and hung out with me for years after I got sick. We played video games and stuff like that. But I was always paranoid or suspicious and stuff like that and poor and felt like I was using him or bothering him and we were both wasting each other’s time. Furthermore, I smelled a lot and was paranoid about stuff and delusional. We had fun for a while.

I guess he stopped hanging out with me and we never talked again anymore. I assume it was something I said or believed or meant. Maybe I was too out there or crazy for him anymore. It’s sad.

I was always hated going anywhere in public or driving. He was my best friend. I hope he is doing well.


People come and go and people change. I try not to put too much faith in people.

Sorry to hear your long term friendship dissolved.

You might meet a new friend though and thats a new adventure.

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Friends are a commitment. Takes work and maintenance I can’t spare


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