Losing perspective money wise

I just dropped $10.00 on chips and a soda on the way home from work. I treat it as no big deal but I can’t do it anymore. I buy crap off of Amazon all the time. Or go out to eat and easily spend $17 or $18. I’m forgetting about when I was far from home years ago and put my last 37 cents in the gas tank and prayed I would make it home. I’m forgetting about selling my Beatles collection to eat for a week. I conveniently forget when I subsisted on Top Ramen, eggs and cheese. It’s so easy to lose perspective with money isn’t it? Just five years ago I was $7000 in debt. No money was extra back then. But these past two years I had at least $2000 in the bank at all times. Now I have $500. My fortunes are down. Back to pinching pennies. It was fun for two years though.


It will come back around at some point. I think its a good idea to cut spendings down so you aren’t losing much money per month. But yeah it’s tough I’ve definitly been where you are a couple of years ago.

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Are you on abilify? Abilify can do that to people

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Hmm. . .

I Like To Think.

Money Is Meant To Spend.

I Mean, You Could Sit Back And Collect Penny After Penny After Penny.

And Sit In A Vault Filled With A Mountain Of Pennies And Swim In It.

Screaming Alone In That Locked Down Vault, 'LOOK AT HOW MANY PENNIES I HAVE’!!!.

So Why Not Jus Spend It?. That’s What Money Is Designed For.

But!, There May Come A Time When You Need To Actually Use Those Pennies On Required Items.

So, In Glorious Retrospect.

Save A Bit. (For What You Will Really Need In The Future).

Spend Cautiously. (No Need To Buy Everything At Once Because You Have Many Pennies).

And Stay True To How You Spend Your Free Time.

As It Has Been Said,

Money Isn’t Everything.

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That’s impulse control man. I 100% cannot control my impulses and it’s really effecting my life

Also what bored said. Abilify makes you act almost purely out of impulse sometimes

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Hey man you doing alright? @ATARI

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