Losing my mind?

I feel like I’m losing my mind.

Hi I’m Sam.
I been paranoid about my food and drinks for so long. Like I feel like someone laced it or spit in my food. Now I don’t ever eat out at restaurants. I feel like it’s been getting worse and worse. It’s getting to the point where I cut open all my food to see if there’s blood or something suspicious in it. I’m beginning to throw away food if I feel like its been tampered with even though it’s sealed. Now in stores I get stuff from the back of the shelves and debate which one I take because I’m standing there thinking which one is tampered with disease or something and which one is not… Sometimes I just leave it and not choose either. Now it’s getting at the point where I think someone with a sickness touched something I don’t touch it… I’m beginning to carry around hand sanitizer because of that… I feel like I’m becoming a germophobe. It’s even getting to the point where I think someone put a needle in my bed or couch or in something and I’m afraid to even touch it. I also have OCD which doesn’t help at all… I feel like I’m completely losing my mind and wonder if anyone had any of these kind of problems? I also don’t take medication and because I don’t know if I need them.

The problem is that you don’t take your meds


Is it worth it? I think you need meds especially if you’re schizophrenic


Maybe take the risk to bite the apple. Not all fruits got worms. Seems you are supercautious. What happen when you breath in an insect, or when you sleep. We eat about 10 spiders in our lifetime while we are sleeping. Moderate caution.

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I mean it could be a mix of your ocd and sz. It depends really you could try the meds and see if the paranoia goes away. There’s just side effects when it comes to APs but you may not be affected by them. But honestly living in fear of what to eat sounds annoying. You could just be becoming a germaphobe. Do you take meds for your ocd?

I’ve had this one too, about 2 yrs ago. I thought food was dirty or poisoned. It wasn’t, I eventually got to the crazy dare point of - really this is making me insane so I’ll eat it and die or eat it and live and move past it.

I’m fine - it was just food. I lived.

Also it’s a common fear that some kids get and outgrow (I think due to well meaning parents telling them to wash up all day). So it doesn’t have to make you crazy.

Be reasonable, wash your hands, and fresh foods but your body is pretty amazing and can totally handle a little dirt and germs. Many studies say that it’s actually good for your body - helps make your immune system stronger.

If you can’t talk yourself away from your fears you may need to go back to meds for awhile longer. Don’t let it get out of control.

I know people who have those thoughts

it is annoying, not sure what to tell ya

it does sound like OCD

does that mean you don’t see a doc by not taking meds?

If it’s too overwhelming and affecting your daily life
I would discuss it with a professional.

I’ve never seen a doc or been on meds. I’ve just been living like this for about a year now.

pretty sure it’s the OCD but i’m not professional. i knew someone with similar tendencies once. we had conversations at length about it.

meds and talking with a professional helped them big time. maybe it will you too.

they are very happy with the success they have gotten.

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