Losing my grip on reality

I have been feeling like I am losing my grip on whats real for a few weeks now but today was really bad. I woke up to what feels like a room of 100 people screaming at me and feelings of being watched and listened too by well quite frankly I dont know what is listening to me,

The voices have finally calmed down now but they are still whispering and making me feel crazy. and also now my tv is talking to me…

So my question is does anyone else feel like they are losing the real world or is

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or is it just me?

Sometimes. Every now and then the world looks weird and I’ll get a fleeting feeling that I am on drugs. Which I’m not.

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I destroyed a friendship the other day because I started getting really paranoid over the last couple weeks, and it finally boiled over

I’ve mostly been struggling with paranoia and nightmares. Reality is always pretty loose, but it hasn’t changed as far as I can tell

Yes, this is the worst. It’s like you suddenly have dream vision


Thats how I feel like I am on drugs but I dont do drugs…

It only happens to me ocacsionally.

I hate it when that crumbling feeling starts to hit… so slow…

Small things… then it begins to build up and spin faster and I can’t keep up.

That feeling that I can’t explain that I am being watched… bugged… tracked.

Stress triggers the paranoia and the paranoia triggers the ideas of reference and the depersonalization and then it all gets worse.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon


I can realate to the slow at first then like all of a sudden it hit

thank you for the wishes of luck

My reality is currently being squeezed by the tightly ruled matriarch of the old homestead…It’s hard to breathe…