Losing friends

My bipolar/bpd tantrums are too much sometimes for my friends one of them cut me off :frowning:

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My friends end up provoking me and forces me to say something shitty now things got nuclear

I lost all my friends when I lost my mind in 2013.

That’s crazy I lost most of my friends in 2013 after my episode I tried to make a come back with my old friend group but all they did was taunt me when I was having mental hang ups :frowning:

I’m not sure what happened, but other people are not obligated to accept abuse from us just because we are mentally ill. They need to cut ties for their own mental health and that’s okay. You may need to look into therapy and anger management or grounding techniques so you can reel yourself back in before things reach the boiling point.

Sorry for this man, it does suck.

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Welcome to the club. I haven’t had any friends or a girlfriend in a long time. I don’t go on tantrums or act weird or anything, I just think the thought that “he has schizophrenia” makes people squeamish and I slowly lost contact with everyone and stopped hanging out with anyone. I’ve linked up with some old friends on Facebook but they all have families and busy lives now so we don’t hangout in real life. All I have is my immediate family.


outside my coworkers my friend count is now one person and my cousin lol

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