Losing daughters check and moving

I’ve been on disability since 2004. I get a check for myself and have always gotten a check each month for my kids too. So I have been able to support myself and my daughter on those alone.

however, she’s graduating in May and in June I will lose her check and I will only have my check and my rent will eat over half of that. and I live in lower income housing as it is.

I’ve been anticipating and planning on the likelihood that I will be having to take a part time job (and still not fully replacing my daughters check)…and my expenses not going down. my daughter will still be living with me after she graduates.

well, this ministry that I have been involved with for over a yr…they have been helping me out with stuff/healing/learning truth and how to be healthier emotionally and be able to notice and attract healthy people and not abusers anymore (male or female). Anyhow, they own a duplex that they rent out to women with children in desperate need.

even though I don’t technically meet their criteria for the type of women/children (usually getting away from abusive spouse or signif other). The staff got together and prayed t o God asking if He wanted them to rent to me even though I am not their typical renter. The whole staff agreed together to lease out the duplex to me and my daughter.

rent is 30% of my income. they pay all utilities (water, gas, sewer, garbage, power). It’s for two yrs. So when I lose my daughters check in june my rent will go way down and I will be able to afford rent, food, gas, car etc…it is really cute with updated appliances and fixures and a cute little yard. not too big or too small. And it is in a good location. near lots of stores I frequent.

I am so thankful. God has been so good to me. Taking care of me every step of the way. I have been concerned for many months wondering what I will have to do once I lose her check.

there is a lot more to this but to spare the reader a very lengthy post than it already is I will spare the rest of the details. we move on march 15th.


DV and mentalilness combo is nightmare.
Thanks to your post.

That sounds like a perfect situation and has to be a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. Congratulations!:slight_smile:

hi @magicstar :smile:

that is very good news about your living situation, sounds like your prayers were answered :house_with_garden:

i think it is amazing what people can do when they all pull together like that to help out a friend in need. you are really blessed :church: thank god x

thank you daydreamer, lovemyson and stina005 for you comments.

Yes, it is a huge weight off of my shoulders. I’m excited to move into a new home that I know God has set apart and chosen for me to live. He’s really dependable when it comes down to talking care of my needs.

i am really happy for you, it sounds like a nice place.
take care

Wow, two years with affordable rent at 30 % of your income, that is sweet.
Really glad to hear things are turning around for you and hopefully you get to enjoy the good life you deserve.

That is really great, magicstar, I am so happy for you and your daughter…

That’s great magicstar, there are a couple of places in my area that are affordable housing but they have a long wait list some up to two years.