Losing a diagnosis

If you get a diagnosis of anxiety and depression, and you prove you can cope without meds, will they disregard it?

Disregard what, a sz diagnosis?

Nope Anxiety and depression

I got prescribed prozac because i got depressed but i dont take it anymore and i dont think i need it.

I wonder the same.

I dont think they remove it from medical records but they will maybe write in remission. When meds stopped my positive symptoms and when I asked for Drs note for school and work, the pdr wrote have schizophrenia, stable on meds.

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Idk. Schizophrenia kinda sticks. I think so…

A lot of people experience situational anxiety and depression…

That really sucks.

I can’t even challenge it

When I wanted a second opinion on my paranoid SZ they flat out refused to do it

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This is my thoughts exactly. It’s situational not a life long issue. I had a lot of ■■■■ going on and I was broken

I feel more together now and feel it isn’t appropriate

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But why someone already diagnosed with autism and sz care about an anxiety disorder diagnosis? It feels like you’re trying to get back at the doctors whichever way you can. And from your own account you’ve been in the past as psychotic as they come, why would you question your sz diagnosis?

I don’t question the SZ dx now. Have moved on from that and I do not think it’s worth the risk coming off AP’s anymore as it always goes to ■■■■

The problem is I don’t like all these doctors trying to make ‘their mark’ on me.

My original pdoc I knew since I was 16, and he treated me on and off for 17 years!

If I had anxiety disorder, depression and autism, he would have sussed it out

I accept the ASD, as it fits really well.

Not trying to be funny about it, I just don’t like the fact I have four mental health problems when in reality I only have 2 at best

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I get your point joker. You get tired of diagnoses and stuff

It’s just a pain and what started me off tonight is coming home to a letter from the pdoc that’s way out of date, and clearly my care coordinator is not passing information onto him like he’s supposed to

The diagnosis is based only on symptoms. They will offer you treatment, but if you don’t want any, they normally can’t force you. Plenty of people function fine with anxiety or depression, but they still have it.

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So the pdoc gets the final say?

If you don’t recognize your symptoms then that is usually considered part of sz and the pdoc gets the final say.

I don’t get why having 4 diagnoses is somehow worse than 2.
A diagnosis is just a word for a cluster of symptoms, used to help doctors predict behavioral patterns and useful treatment strategies.

Just like the category “blue” describes both navy and cyan.

They’re just words, and it doesn’t matter how many or few you have. They’re there to help the doctors help you.


My psychiatrist has known me for years and she is genuinely stumped as to my diagnosis.
But she is sure about OCD, not so sure about schizoaffective.
Also pretty sure about me suffering with bipolar symptoms.

My therapist on the other hand is completely confident about diagnosing me with schizoaffective disorder.

I no longer place so much importance on my diagnosis.

All I know is that I become delusional and paranoid when my risperdal is very low or I’m not on meds.

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Well I hope the drivers license people feel the same way when they find out

If I lose my license, I lose my job

They always like to play that card to crush any resistance