Lose-lose situation

I still suffer from being unable to distinguish my voices from voices of the real world. Just now, I heard a voice and then I spoke, not in response, but as a conditioned response to try and get my mind to think of something else so I just said something that I saw.

Then immediately, the voices changed to the neighbors voice talking like “did he just say something back to us?” Moments later, I hear them talking about how I haven’t showered yet and that I always shower at this time.

Now, I’m scared to take a shower. But I need to. They’ve put me in a lose-lose situation. Anyone experience this?


@odditory, Those voices that you hear are not real. Your sz brain is creating them. Don’t pay attention to them. It is totally safe for you to take a shower. The voices are like barking dogs behind an enclosed fence. They can’t do a thing.


and I have wasted many days playing into the voices game.
Gets me nowhere fast.
The more you play, the more they interact, the more life you waste.


Update: took the shower.

I feel great! Thanks you guys.


Voices r always so attractive fOr me to converse with when they r there. It is a very scary situation knowing you could that crazy.

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I have that same problem not being able to tell if what I am seeing and hearing are real or not. I feel you and hope you can find somethng to help

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