Loosing my temper when there's unexpected work

I think it’s because I lack confidence. If I can just encourage myself with statements like “I can do it.” it might save a lot of hard feelings.


this is pretty good at how gauging how i feel, i can look at it and i know exactly where i am with whatever thing pops up usually.

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Who answers “How do I do it”?

you need to answer that yourself i think

that reminds me of something i saw once on sesame street, i’ll post the video

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With me it’s often not because I lack the confidence but because I don’t want to take the time to do it. I really dislike being interrupted. :frowning:

Interrupted at what, though? Are you doing anything that important?

I’m usually not doing anything difficult or important. Just reading or thinking or doing my own chores. :blush:

So that isn’t the reason for the anger.

It seems like I’ve always HATED being interrupted. :angry: If I were to look for the cause in my parents, I would point to their insistence on “re-directing” me so often, which I think came from the famous Dr Benjamin Spock. Or maybe it’s just being spoiled by their usual permissiveness.

i hate unexpected work too,but i do it unwillingly if its housework chore or work related…i do it in the end but i should be happy when doing it or at least stay neutral but not be unhappy doing it

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Schedule changes and unexpected work throw me off in a big way. I get so irritated and its hard to control how I show that irritation.

I know how you feel and I have not found a solution… Except for imaginarily punching people in the face…