Loosing my delusions

It makes me a little sad that there hasn’t been much action in this section. I think this is a great idea.

So I was thinking about how I pull out of a delusion. It’s not easy and there are a few that haven’t left me no matter how hard I try. When I’m not tired and my meds are just right and I’m having a good day, I can function around this delusion. But when I’m tired and stressed this delusion comes right back. So number one… I have to pay attention to what is happening around me.

If there is a lot of people around or my anxiety is amping up and I hear this delusion come out of my mouth then I know I have to go away.

For some of my lesser delusions I swallow my pride and ask my family if they remember anything like this happening. If it sounds beyond the realm of possibility it just might be.

I also have to realize that my delusions will follow my voices. The two play off each other. So if my voices start telling me it’s all true, I have an easier time not believing them. But managing voices is a different story.

So what do others specifically do to try and fight off the delusion?

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Did this inspire the title, surprised?

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I remind myself that I know the chemicals and parts of the brain responsible for delusions, and I rationalize and keep from giving in by reminding myself that delusions are a symptom of an illness and nothing more- there was a time when I didnt have them, I also remind myself, and they came around when I started hearing voices, which makes me just remember that its all schizophrenia.

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I’ve learned to recognize when I’m starting off on a delusion…it always seems to start with something I imagine could be true, and my mind is off and running.

That’s made a BIG difference. Recognizing the process of how I come to believe in a delusion.

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Intially when i became ill i thought my cousin knew something about me (he’s in the police) that was the only delusion that stuck with me even after starting meds. I was so scared to meet him but once i did i realised it was a complete delusion and it went away.

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