Loosing hope with Asenapine 15 mg

low side effect profile but not healed, pos. symptoms gone, but neg. symptoms worse,

i only respond to minocycline 50 mg but allergic or herx reaction to it i dont know very bad but starts to work in 3 days for me in the past

what are my options? do I still have options i tried all atypicals including Clozapine and cloz didnt work.
Vraylar not approved in Belgium (1 year delay) because of the insurrance not covering Vraylar, so bad my pdoc was ready to prescribe it. very bad! i guess im living on monkey land :frowning:

Is Sertindole (Serdolect) an option?

only seroquel and minocycline took my depression away for a few months but thats it the rest isnt working, and then you have that Lyme and co infection thing going on… Do I have it Yes or NO? not good testing

wtf is this?