Loosing against stability, family, work, structure..wining my creativity

To bad the world doens’t need any more creative people.

I’m and architect and have worked for 10 years,
I’m an artist who’s work has sold for over 15 years
I’m a carpenter who doensn’t cut his fingers yet
I can’t drive a car but do better to the world by fixing gardens
I’m a dad of three children…who is being punished to not see them in 6 months by my wife…she thinks i am going to kill them
I live in a country that rarely has any understanding of schizoprhenia…(mexico).so i am considered a menace to society.
been diagnosed for 18 years. been under medication 18 years…had 4 relapses…

I’m just tyred now.

been in jail after tasting for the fist time how bittersweet is this condition, been in recovery years, been stigmatized by family mistrust,

fullfilled school requirements, fulfilled society inclusion requirements, fullfilled work requirements,

Is all the game of society vs schizoprhenia patients. game to the end…we loose… poor bastards we become under society’s requirements.
So cheers… Lets keep trying to blend in.

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Dear simple south I feel sorry that you have suffered so much. Good luck with your aim to see your kids and try to ignore anyone you mistreats you because of your illness

will do…I just joined the forum and wanted to add some art and poetry work…but i’m not allow to attach stuff yet. so i will wait. will stay active here…i am curious to know stories, and ways to redirect life efforts from all of you.

You sound like a good person. The world does need more creative people! Because honestly the world is lacking in creativity. Everyone on their smartphones these days isn’t healthy. Creativity is about changing the world, making a difference which I think you’re doing. Sorry you can’t see your children and it’s been real rough. Peace

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We all know how dificult this is…nightmarish at times. and we still stay strong…we fall…come back…rise and fall more. and yet we search for peace.


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