Loops 101010101

Ok Wolfe lawllolroflcopter


You okay there, bud?

Yes I have thoughts that loop when I’m unmedicated… and gets louder as time goes by… mostly my name and some other stuff… it stops when I’m medicated.

My voices were generally of an intelligent nature it always seemed like a being or alien or God or whatever


Mine aren’t unintelligent, but I wouldn’t say they were higher powers. They’re definitely just people.

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Mine always had some sort of divine persona. Never a normal person. I did hear deceased relatives though, they were cheering me on. That was about as close to human as it got. Or Einstein was telling me to Google various things to learn about new technologies.
That one took a long time to shake off as the delusion was I had special access to knowledge through a portal in my head


yea they did eventually change, and they stopped all together when i started meds.


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