Loops 101010101

Does anyone else have voices who loop, and repeat the same sht?


I have a constant stream of chatter that seems to repeat the same words or phrases.

Mostly my name or that I look this way or that way.

It’s annoying,

But completely went away on APs.

Now that I’m off of them, they’ve come back.

Not voices, but attacks of loud, metacognitive thoughts about thoughts and suicide. The thoughts tell me to commit suicide even i am not suicidal. It’s very annoying. They say the same ■■■■ over and over again and the only way i can stop it, is going to bed and have a nap.

Mine do the same. They make me taste helium too. It’s getting hard to ignore.

That’s really strange, the helium stuff. It is called an olfactory hallucination.

Hope the voices stops.

Aye, with helium.

I have to correct myself. It’s called an gustatory hallucination:

The term gustatory hallucination is indebted to the Latin noun gustus, which means taste. It is used to denote a taste sensation occurring in the absence of an appropriate tastant. Gustatory hallucinations tend to be enduring, unpleasant taste sensation qualified simply in terms of bitter, sour, sweet, disgusting, etc.

I have a hard time looking anything up and studying these days, and hardly know a thing about psychosis, only that I’m in it. It helps when people explain sht like that. Thank you.

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Glad i could help… You are not alone out there

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@anon54386108 you’re off your antipsychotics???


The side effects were just too much for me.

I’m on an AD and anxiety medication now.

oh no…good luck…I hope you can cope somehow.

yea that was one of my first hallucinations

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Did the loops ever change or stop? I’ve been listening to the same sht for nearly a year now. They can be original too, but they love their loops. Drives me crazy.

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No, worse. I feel like my life is stuck on repeat in a time loop beginning with schizophrenia. Live. Die. Repeat. (“Edge of Tomorrow”). It could be both a symptom of my brain and a reality of the universe. I feel like every day my life resets but it only resets backwards in time after I die to be honest.

I keep respawning backwards in time around the year 2011. Been going on for millions of times it feels sometimes trillions of times. I don’t know. It’s driving me crazy lol.

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They went away on meds.

They changed a lot when I was pregnant and after I had my son.

Hormones, I guess.

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Sounds truly miserable. I’m sorry you’ve had to go through that. My experience isn’t quite so bad I guess. Closest I came to that was tripping on lsd.

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What I’m hearing is I should get pregnant.

I wouldn’t mind, but being psychotic is not attractive apparently. :upside_down_face:

Each suffering is different or unique. Mine feels bad, but each has their own validiity. I’m not going to say mine is truly worse, but I just cannot get over the fact I’m stuck in a time loop for eternity with a disability suffering. I hope you get better soon.

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I got pregnant while psychotic.

Would not recommend.

I don’t regret the birth of my son,

But it was a difficult experience.