Looks like I am not achieving my this winter's goal

Before winter I set a goal to improve my English, I have not spoken English soon in the past 16 years and so I might have become a little rusty, I have had my English books (six) and many dictionaries with me, but I have not yet opened these books, somehow I have no motivation and so I may not be achieving this goal. It is good to write here anyway.


I like ur english anyway…!!! Take care…!!!

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Well, your written English is decent. Do you struggle more with speaking than you do with writing?

I have not spoken English for the past 16 years, and so I would say that I might need some improvement in this area, where I am I do not need English, except when I use the Internet, I am not really struggling with my writing, but I should speak more. 16 years is a long time. I do make little grammar errors sometimes and I may have forgotten some English words.

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Good to see you around.

That is good to have such a goal.

Maybe you should be be understanding to yourself and start again if that is what you want.

You could play computer games with head phones where you speak to other players from around the world.

A fun way of speaking English and getting in to s cool flow of the language.

I think you lost your father recently and that can be devistating.

Good to read that you seem to be coping and maybe going for bike rides and photoi

The website www.duolingo.com may be able to help with your pronunciations. They have a multitude of languages on that site for people to learn, and I’m pretty sure English is one of them. It is free. It’s a great resource for anyone seeking to learn or brush up on a foreign language.

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Thanks for your replies. Actually English is not spoken much in the area where I am. For example, today I heard how Russian was spoken. I had a goal in the previous winter too and it was to improve my Russian language, but I was not motivated and so I did not open my Russian books then either. I watch many English movies and I do not need any subtitles. I try not to make these little grammar errors.

Your English seems pretty good to me.

My winter goal was to lose the Christmas weight and I did it!

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