Looking forward to freedom

I think working all your life to pay for a house is sad.

So I’m going to take a non-traditional approach to life and live on my savings which were going to be a downpayment on a house.

I don’t want to work with schizophrenia.


Everybody does what they feel is valuable. If you do not want the hassle and stress of home ownership. Who is anybody to suggest otherwise? We live by our own reasons and we should all exercise that ability.

I hope you well, whatever choices you make.


Downpaying a house is more suited for those with kids-
You wont be able to spend your money when youre dead.

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I had 7 000 usd saved which first was planned to be used on an apartment
but i took them out and went on a trip. Gave some money to the homeless and 700 usd to some gypsies and bought them food.

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You shouldn’t spend all your money… in case you need it for a time of emergency like hospitalization. You never know what turns life will take

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Everything is free in Norway. We Norwegians are some spoiled brats.


Interesting take. I have about five years of working savings I was keeping for a home down payment. Once I buy, then I have no other choice than to work until I retire. I work a lot, but truth be told, I’m not a very productive worker. Maybe this no working thing is a thing.

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Do you have welfare in your country?

i’d keep some money at the side for when things get bad and you need it. I saved some money when i still worked and sometimes it comes in handy.

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If you end up renting, that’s burning money

A mortgage is an investment, and working can help you build up a stable life and perhaps have some savings to retire.

Just don’t buy a place you can’t afford.

That’s a dim view of life you have thinking it’s all about paying off your house for working.

My mortgage is actually cheaper than renting the size flat I have by about a third, plus, if I ever sell it I get money for it that’s mine as I am on a repayment mortgage

You just have to make sure you have all the clauses with your mortgage that gives you an out if you want to sell or transfer

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I would rather own shares than a house.

Well good luck with that! Most important priority should be having a roof over your head…

Doubt you’re going to get many shares to make a fortune claiming disability benefits

If you have savings, you could lose them all

I’m going to put my cash into a world index fund and sell shares when I need cash to pay rent.

I still have a job and I am still earning money while off sick.

But I hate my job as I get micromanaged.

There is welfare, but I think it is for those with dependents (children).

Freedom has its price.

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I hope there will be no crash soon but i haven’t bought the shares yet.

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