Looking for job

After some interviews, I think it would be difficult for me to get a job if it is not arranged by the vocational rehabilitation program.

I’ve been deployed to a social enterprise. The manager said they have a 0.5 opening and asked me to consider for it. I think it is near my home, which is important as I live in the far side of the city. I can spend more time to rest.

The job placement is a bit harsh. They are disorganized and it is difficult to follow what they are doing.

I have another referral. The office is far away. I shall spend almost 4 hours on daily travelling, which is bad. They have both part time and full time openings i can work more with them.

If I’m honest about my performance, i think i should work in the present placement. I think I am confident I can do that.


4 hours traveling is very tiring…
stick to a job that is close to where you live…
i used to :truck: drive into the city ( sydney ) for work…it took me 45 minutes each way… that was bad enough !
take care :alien:

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