Looking for good electronic music

It’s stunning! Absolute landmark imo.


Deadmau5 - Get Scraped

Very different from his usual EDM stuff, but a solid album with some great tracks:


Thank you all !

I just created a playlist with different artists, and spotify propose me a radio based on these titles.
Cool !



Need your help or advice.

I’m looking for a website that simply list “the best albums of all the time” by SUBgenre, and that I can simply add these albums in a spotify playlist !
My internet connection is lagging cause I’m dowloading (legal) stuffs ! :confused:

By the way, I like very much this album ! :slight_smile:

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I was listening to Underworld last night who have a wide range of electronic styles.

Try Drift as a starter on Spotify.


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Thank you ! I’m listening right now

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