Looking for art subjects

I’m really focused on improving my craft for this next month, and I thought of a great way to do it, and involve the forum that I like coming to. My goal is to become a great portrait artist, and to eventually get paid for what I love to do. I can go around and pick out pictures, or find subjects that interest me, but that wouldn’t help me as much, so I decided to draw what other people like, or to draw people that i’m not as familiar with. If you’re interested in helping me, this post will be my inspiration over the next month… all you have to do is post a picture, I will draw it, and then post the final piece once i’m finished. My hope for this project is to gain more skills and to see improvement as I go along, especially as my orders come through the mail, and I gain new materials. Thank you in advance to anyone who participates.

that would be a real honor unfortunately I can’t post pics. good luck.

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Thanks for helping out, i’m about to get right to it.

Ohhhh do me do me do me! Lol