Looking for a room to rent

But the prices are outrageous. A decent room in some families house runs $800.00 per month in the south bay. In Gilroy it’s a lot cheaper. I want to stay in this area but I am considering moving to a whole new area and looking for a new job there. But in the back of my mind is the fate of a guy who was living in my board & care home in 1995. The guy made too many changes at once. #1) He moved out. #2) He quit his job. #3) He stopped taking his meds. #4) He closed his bank account and got cash. A month later the owner of our board & care informed us they found him laying outside, dead with $3000.00 cash on him.

Your not being evicted are you? I couldn’t imagine that.

I thought you liked your job?

What has inspired the move?

thats a terrible outlook to have nick.

There has to be 500 dollar flats somewhere. I found a building here and base rent was 440 for a two bedroom. Leaving the option open to get a roommate but I like having the place all to myself. If times get tight I might see if my cousin wants to split rent/bills down the middle, but that idea doesn’t sound very appealing.

I’m not being evicted and I do like my job. I’ll leave it at that.

damn, that sucks man,

yeah, take it slow, dont do it on a whim, plan and then plan some more,

you need to be a hundred percent positive that this is what you want, at least now you know where you are, things are normal, go somewhere you dont know you could be well outside your comfort zone and everything would be different,

its up to you but i know from experience that change can be very hard for us, maybe you just need a holiday somewhere, i know i do :wink: lol

Hopefully your not being evicted but I’m glad you’re thinking of moving with all the problems you’ve had with the neighbours. It’ll take time now that you started to find one that’s suitable. You can also look at something temporary like sharing while you look. Some sort of emergency community housing is anther option. Ask your mental health team for help and advice as they have helped me out in the past in this area. Many staff tend to network to find and pass on information on anything that may help us out. There is help out there for you. But you have to know where to look which is often the hard part. So do some of your own networking.
I hope you will keep us up to date on this so we can support you better. If you need it that is. Best of luck with it. .