Looking back... I think I was manic

I was a very very happy little guy when I was young… Always ecstatic… jubilant… gleeful … (except for the few out of the blue 24 hour anger rages )

I had hours of things to say to anyone who would listen… I had 100’s of great ideas…

I was diagnosed with a heavy duty hyper active disorder… off the charts ADHD.

The post man would almost run past our house and fling the mail in the box as fast as he could… I used to love to try and keep up with him and talk to him…

I could just think myself into over the top joyous excitement… I also was able to stay awake for days. The excitement of anything made everyday a blur of activity.

I used to stand in the back of the class because I was too keyed up to sit. I still saw things that weren’t there… and the wind still told me the future…

Maybe I was manic for all those years. Wow… that’s something to ponder.


A good post this is. I am wondering where did you draw all those energy from? Imean being joyful and dynamic all the time would have consumed you lots of energy.

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As far as having the energy… I don’t know… I ate like a healthy growing boy… but ran around and burnt it off. My parents had me on two different swim teams every summer… so I’d go to double practices and that would wear me out enough to sleep more.


That was funny :smile:
I can imagine how adorable annoying little boy you were!


I was hypomanic/manic and depressed throughout my childhood.

To the point where I became delusional and paranoid.

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So did you just wind down or did things happen in other ways to bring you to where you came?

Great post, great thread. After talking to a psychiatrist, I also realized that hypomania contributes to my delusional thinking. So now I work at keeping things level and don’t follow the temptation to go into that semi-elated mindset.

Yeah that sounds like mania. Glad to hear that you’re doing better and realize the illness for what it is.

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Great post. Glad you’re thinking about this stuff, it’s always good to have more insight into our lives and the illness.

I had the same thing, but was never diagnosed with anything. I was really active for a lot of years and talked a lot too. It’s good to know that we’re calmer now, and with age, not only meds, things change too. I’m more careful with what I say now and more relaxed in life. Before there was always something to do, always something to say, there was this need about being engaged in something. Now I know how to relax.

Live and learn.

I think I mellowed due to age… a few years of 200+ mg Seroquel… after that… I got more negative flatness then Manic.