Looking back at my 9 years ago picture

Its my university admission picture, 130lb, no wrinkles, no cholesterol pimples, no stretch marks etc
Now at 30 y.o., 300lb, wrinkles and cholesterol pimples, stretch marks…


I know what you mean. My looks have gone downhill to.


I’ve got stretch marks everywhere on my arms my sides my stomach

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I hear ya. I hear ya.


Each psychosis makes you stoopider. Meds make you fat.

So basically, I’m fatter and stoopider than I was 9 years ago.


I never had a six pack or anything. I had a flat stomach but I was called skinny fat too many times by some ■■■■■■■ in college.

I heard the cognitive decline starts in childhood. I believe that. But if they cure schizophrenia I think we have the chance of having a powerhouse for a brain.

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I agree, I think I could have been a Dr or even a psychiatrist if I didn’t have schizophrenia. I had cognitive decline in childhood, especially in language courses, math decline came later at 16y.o.

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I fell so hard my facial symmetry went out of alignment.

Before my Illness in 2006
Picture 068

Behind me is the Taj Hotel in Colaba, Mumbai. Its a beautiful 5 star hotel. In front of me is the Gateway of India. This was taken 2 years before the terrorist attack in Mumbai that killed many people and severely damaged the hotel. I landed Mumbai again on 3rd of December 2008 a few days after terrorist attack. Mumbai is a wonderful city. I’m hoping to go to Kerala in Jan/Feb next year,

Me now. Despite my mental health issues I feel much more confident and happy now, I’m more happy with my appearance. I always thought I was ugly when younger and self conscious. I’m happy to be getting older. I hated being young.


Life was more spontaneous and care free. Not just cos I was a kid thou…

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