Looking at jail time

so I was having these real bad sleep interruptions and nightmares for a couple months and I was real agitated about it. Anyways one night I went for a walk and ended up at this community park right next to my old house. there was this little statue of a kid playing baseball and I may or may not have kicked the ■■■■ out of it taking out my frustration. the thing ended up damaged as it toppled over onto the ground. I paid the city to have it fixed about $500 but there still pressing charges…this happened a year ago now and the trial has been delayed because of its low priority.

it’s not a long sentence I’m looking at, maybe 6 months, I got priors, public intox, resisting arrest, failure to identify, and I’ve been to jail before, my longest jail stint was a month for a resisting arrest charge. anyways with my dx I might end up serving my sentence in a state hospital, not really sure.

the destruction of property is my most violent offense, but really I’m not ashamed of any of my past. I’ve never stolen and I’ve never victimized any other citizens. it’s weird, really I’m proud of myself for being a petty criminal, it gives me more perspective than people who never run afoul of the law. so other than the jail stint the real penalty is dealing with stigmas trying to land jobs…I’ve wised up and I never disclose any of my criminal offenses to a potential employer. its really none of there business as I’m the one living with…

anyways the trial has been set for april, my lawyer thinks he may be able to get it dismissed. will see soon, just looking forward to it being behind me so I get on with school and work


what 500$? Did you place an explosive on it? :smiley:

it got kicked and toppled over from its base…they got a more solid base for it to stand on which cost the city 500 dollars and I reimbursed em. An explosive would have been way more epic but it just happened out of frustration spur of the moment

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I have an arrest record about the same as yours - lots of misdemeanors. When you go to trial tell them you are mentally ill and you were agitated at the time of the “crime”. Then tell them you won’t do anything like that again. They should send you to the hospital instead of the cell.


April isn’t too far away. I can’t wait for this to be over for you too.


yeah it happened last February. I’ve never got booked this time, they just made do a involuntary hospital stay for 30 days. anyways it will be over soon, I can live with whatever happens but I’m hoping for the best

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You’re taking rationalization to a whole new level.

Do you see a therapist? You need to find healthy ways to get your anger out. Sometimes I get angry. Very angry. When I feel angry I jump on my bike and ride until I’m exhausted. After that I feel less angry.

I hope that you’ve learned from all of this and can go to school and work.


yeah I was hooked up with a therapist. I don’t really talk about my trial much. I have rationalized it quite a bit, I’m not a judge, I’m not a lawyer, I skip jury duty, and I’m not a witness, I must be a criminal if I’m in the courtroom in the first place

I guess in this country my sentiments are a check and balance on police who would otherwise run amok, well policing everybody. I’m a voter too and aint no good candidates when it comes to civil liberties. defunding police departments for example

I’m sure you’re a very good person.

Don’t be defensive; I’m not judging you as a person.

Believe it or not I’m on your side. I want you to succeed. I also struggle in life. I’m not perfect.

my apologies…I appreciate your support

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No problem.

I know life isn’t easy or fair. Some of us have more support than others.

Nobody does it all on their own.


While I don’t condone any form of violence including property damage, since you already paid $500. restitution, it seems like a tremendous waste of tax payers’ money to prosecute and potentially pay for jail time. Hopefully they will drop the charges, for your sake and also the sake of the tax player’s wallets. Just my two cents.


maybe maybe not will see here’s a semi recent article of my hometown. mostly looks at drug crime, but they got a new jail and they got a place for me if they need it


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