Looking at apartments

Found a duplex not to far from home (home as in parents house). Its 750 a month, 2 bed, 1 bath, 100 square feet. Comes with appliances including washer and dryer. Has A/C and a fireplace. Is in a nice town. Move in date is August first which is perfect. I don’t believe in moving in together until marriage (just my own personal belief) and my fiance and I are getting married August 9th. So we would essentially just move our stuff in on like the 6th or something since we are camping the 1st through the 4th and then the night we’re married we can go to our new home instead of our separate homes. I just hope everything works out and that it’s actually a good place. We have to go tour it still and that we get accepted.


That sounds perfect.

That doesn’t make sense. How can you fit a bathroom and 2 bedrooms in 100 square feet? I think this must be a typo

Why don’t you believe in moving in together until your married. I’m wondering how you will know if you will get along ? Living with someone is very different than dating and having a relationship.

must be bigger than that ?

Anyway congrats on all your life changes, hope all go smoothly

Good luck to you

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