Look in the firmament

The darkness of the whole universe can’t extinguish a light of a single star.


I read something stupid about how if the universe was infinite, the night sky would be white, not black.

Apparently, a lot of philosophers though that one was really clever. I thought it was really stupid. Doesn’t make any sense. I think those philosophers think too much.

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On you tube are these videos about the size of the known universe. Maybe the universe is based on someones thought.

It’s philosophers job to think


I think it’s all a dream. An infinitely complex and ever-changing dream. But don’t ask me anything about this or I will get myself banned for encouraging delusions. :shushing_face:

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Life is to complex to explain or put into words.

that light is an optical illusion

they have no light.

they might not even be there.

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I can feel the warmth of the sun. In my reality i have to know its not an illusion. Like some orientation, a compass in the reality.

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Concrete thinking has its perks. Better to take things at face value than to be a crazy philosopher spewing out abstract arguments that can never be proven or refuted.


I like facts and obvious things.

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I read that on a science website I like to go to sometimes

I still write about stars as a poet


When I started thinking about the optimism bias, and how being unrealistically optimistic can make you function better, I decided to become unrealistically optimistic instead of depressingly realistic. It’s amazing how natural it came to me. Even when I know I’m being unrealistically optimistic, I still am. I’m not sure if this is relevant in any way, but I’m optimistic you can make it seem like it belongs in this thread.

Edit: I had a rough day so forgive me if I’m not making any sense.

There will be light, not much, but enough to beat the darkness. -charles bukowski

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