Look, Im sorry guys

I feel so anxious… Of course making people mad because Im kind of a free thinker, it hurts me… All my life I’ve tried speaking my opinions, but it always ends like that… People stop me for some reason!! I’ve gotten some creepy messages about existence and god and I keep hearing “They stop you cause you’re bringing up something that shouldnt be mentioned”… I’m sp confused!!! But really, honestly… Im sorry if I hurt someones feelings. That’s probably why Im so anxious

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In my opinion just say what is in your mind here …

Hi buddy u are good …i like u man…

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This shouldn’t hurt you, it should make you happy.
If you had a large following, you wouldn’t be a free thinker, you’d be a politician.
Think about that.

Now, the sheep mentality, better referred to as “the Herd” don’t like folks who think for themselves.
It scares them.
It upsets them.
It puts pimples on their butts when your opinions shake up their non thinking conformist cocoons they were told to live in.

They don’t want drama, they don’t want t think, they want to turn the boob tube on with a plate full of munchies on their tray table and allow their gray matter to slowly unwrinkle.
This makes them happy.

Don’t mess with folks happiness.
You have a choice you know, you can either
Zip up that sheepy wool over your head and graze with the crowd and trade your opinions for onions,
You can be independent from the crowd and say what you think, mindfully aware that being independent actually means being alone.

Good to have choices.

Please be advised that these comments are not necessarily the opinion of the poster or the forums, and they will not be responsible for any gray matter loss or pocket change missing from actual pockets. Your mileage may vary.


It does not matter to me what anyone posts, if I don’t like it I just pass it by

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It isn’t really that it hurts their feelings. It triggers a hurtful chain of thoughts and feelings and possibly delusions to hear God discussed. It’s nothing personal against you or even necessarily your views.

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Do u know how stupid i feel like the whole forums out to get me atleast twice a day

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I never noticed anything bad about your posts

Thank you but what i meant was i just think the forum members and its leaders are starting a cult sometimes

I hope it’s a mob, always wanted to be part of a mob :stuck_out_tongue:

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Don’t worry the’re just thoughts, and having your own opinion isn’t bad. I always think things that I don’t mean. Some are just passing thoughts that just got perverted because it plays like a recording in my mind but I think someone is doing this. Have this fanatical women calling me a freak because she thinks I am saying all these intrusive thoughts to her or other people but I’m not.