Look for a concentraion and antidepressant medications to go with my abilify

Truthfully I need a good one that helps with remembering name and numbers and helps with smoking. Be at this for two years with no success. Thank you for any support. Zen

So fish oil helps me a lot with my concentration and it’s quite inexpensive if you get it from your pharmacist. Then Wellbutrin is an anti-depressant that helps you quit smoking. But I quit smoking using the nicotine patches with the nicotine lozenges. It worked really well. Good luck @DrZen.

i’m on abilify and i take two antidepressant, mirtazapine 15 mg and 50 mg Marplan (difficult one, specialist treatment)… Mirtazapine helps me a lot with the sideeffects from Marplan.

I have also been on effexor 150 mg and abilify at the same time, but Marplan is the only AD that really helps me

I suggest b5 vitamin for memory. Also escitalopram is doing wonders for me. I heard wellbutrin is good if you want to quit smoking but I found it too much stimulating and gave me a lot of anxiety up to the point I was nauseous

A low dose of Zoloft has helped me a lot. Worth trying something to see if it helps you in some way

Trintellix has been helping me, although it did make me queasy when I first started it. I take it with abilify and I’ve even lost some weight.

Try Cipralex, I’ve been on it for years now.

I took celexa when I had abilify, in fact I still take it. It did help me focus some, but therapy is what really helped me with concentration.

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