Longterm psych drug use improved my facial aesthetics

this theory that has be stirring in my head that came from my experience with plant growing. Control stressors with your plant and you will get a better looking plant

With psych drugs, you are reducing stress caused by symptoms

this is a pic sometime ago. I do not like how i look in this pic

fast foward to today after long psych drug use, i look much better


I look a lot better too now

Idk if it was the psych meds but I look younger than I am when I was 20 ppl thought I looked like I was 16 lol

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I said the same thing 2 years ago and I still continue to look younger. I look at my drivers license photo from when I was just turning 22 and I definitely look younger than that. I think I look younger every year. Like I’ve found the fountain of youth


yeah I’m 26. I have photos from 20-23 but they’re weird. @minnii said I look 19 but I could pass for younger than 19 if I really wanted to…

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I forgot the last time I ever played a Pokemon game. my brother bought me one, but I disappointed him when I stopped playing it. I grew up with Pokemon though.

but now these posts have given me enough reasoning to believe that psych meds reverse aging!

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Me without the goatee