Longest remission?

I sometimes wonder, what would happen after one walks out of psychotic experience. So little is found in the literature.

If this is an evolving brain disorder, it doesnt appeal to me that our brain functioning is going upward across the time line. An average person often shows down slope deterioration after 25. So, I can’t expect myself to do better than the past, right?

I think you can expect to recover. Regardless of age we all have the ability to become better versions of ourselves if we want it bad enough. You have been through a lot and I know I don’t know you very well but I see someone putting there best foot forward and I see it paying off. Never give up on yourself or put limits on how far you can go in recovery. My hubby is 57 and has come a long way from being on a slow death course when I meet him to being in recovery. I’m 41 and still learning about myself.


I totally agree… can I hear an “Amen” brother… Thank you in the back

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Goggles: ‘‘I sometimes wonder, what would happen after one walks out of psychotic experience.’’

I believe a person who has walked out of psychotic experience should be helped to try and understand what might contribute to their psychosis.
Being in a strange and hostile environment as often migrants find themselves, with their natural suspiciousness and paranoia getting stronger and stronger?
Being rejected by their beloved person?
Their childhood traumas?
Not one but a few things?

I think that human sufferings are sometimes so enormous that afflicted minds try to cope, to find a psychotic meaning of what they just face - delusions.
Voices express powerful fears, at least such were terryfying messages of my daughter’s voices…

What was shocking to me - doctors weren’t that interested about voices and delusions. To be honest, they weren’t interested at all, they wanted just to stop them. But then - walking out of psychotic experience - a patient is sent back to all his/her still painful traumas who contributed to that psychotic outburst before! Even worse - their family is now suspicious, their friends are watching them for signs of relapse, there is no decently paid job, no money to be independent…how could one cope, still recovering, in even more demanding environment?
I admire diagnosed people who are determined to get better. I think there is not enough help for them. I believe people who have been there ( ‘peers’) should be working with diagnosed to show everybody that there is a way out of the nightmare.

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Hmmmm I wouldn’t call it remission in my case. Sometimes the voices r infrequent for months, then they come back full force and r omnipresent for months so there is no real break for me. I don’t believe in any government conspiracy theories, just a rape and hypnotic programming to cover it up bcoz the person was famous and still is. If u know the law, in the UK a schizophrenic needs an advocate with them to report a serious crime. This “schizophrenia” programming was their way of making sure I wasn’t believed by anyone important enough to investigate. I have no delusions of grandeur which was what their trying to convince me of a government conspiracy was all about. Everything they did was to aid in getting a diagnosis of schizophrenia so that I wouldn’t make a credible witness. It’s worked in part but I haven’t been officially diagnosed with schizophrenia.Severe post traumatic stress with schizophrenic symptoms. ThThat’s good enough for me as it leaves the door open for further investigation. I’m glad the laws r changing on rape. It is no longer up to the witness to proove it happened but rather up to the defendants to proove it didn’t. Once I investigate this further and go to the police, they r ■■■■■■ as their I’s so much evidence. It will basically all depend on how strong I am. I can almost guarentee that the closer I get the more severe my “symptoms” will become as the hypnotic programming has been designed that way. Remission? Not forme unfortunately. I have a long struggle ahead of me which may well iinclude a stroke and a heart attack and will definitely include tactile “hallucinations” and haunting by out of body personalitys. So no…no remission, whatever drug I’m on. I’ll try them all just to eliminate them but ultimately the only thing that will stop this is hypnosis.

You are very right. I believe you have a good understanding into it.

I have some ideas what is contributing to my psychosis. I have been through painful and complicated relationships that pushed me to my limits.

My delusions, if they are delusions, includes that I choose to born here with a purpose in life, my sufferings have meanings, it could lead to the end of sufferings because we could get to understaRnd what is happening and could provide the right help to others, and that there are higher individuals who loves me and we would get together forever after we finish everything. We have our own safe place, and we are working on the reunion. How terrible to get to believe they are the products of the situations I was caught in and the only reality is just the opposite.

I’m kind of embarassed to say I don’t know what the official status of my treatment is. I know I’ve been told I have high insight and through therapy I was becoming more insightful over time. It’s just really stressful right now with my dad constantly pressuring me to get a job, the psychiatric place not being responsive and they can cancel appointments but if I do they’ll charge $60 and now have put me on call basis out of the blue. I’m becoming depressed about going to therapy or a doctor. I feel they are too biased. I’m also tired of living in this restrictive home environment, but my dad doesn’t want me to move in with my boyfriend because it wouldn’t be a “good environment” while simultaniously putting extreme pressure on me to get a job or not allowing me to live at home because I just turned 25. I’m beginning to feel suicidal and it’s like no one is paying attention or trying to help me. I have no advice. My dad works all the time, my moms aggressively mean when she’s wrapped in anything that bothers her.

I don’t have hallucinations or anything, I’m just stressed out. I don’t know what my illness is supposed to look like, sometimes I’m tempted to act crazy so people take me seriously because they never do. Or believe me. Or trust my beliefs.

I can’t remember the last time I was psychotic, but it was induced by two different anti-psychotics and tranquilizers, like Trazadone. I think I have PTSD due to the forced treatment. they try to say it’s insightful to believe you are sick, but they’re not inside my head. They don’t know me like I know me.

He says I’ve been “sheltered and spoiled” but that’s not it. He’s not helping me. He’s depressing me. I’m trying to get well.

I had my first breakdown in Dec 2002, and till 2006 was taking medication and in and out of hospital four times. In 2007 with the help of a psychiatrist I came off my meds and was fine off of them till 2012 when I consider I had a relapse. So my period of remission was about five years. If I had any symptoms then, which I think I did, they were very mild, but then again I was very religious (wanted to be a nun) then so maybe didn’t see the symptoms as problem.
In 2012 after i married I relapsed and the symptoms were worse and I couldn’t function well, so went back on meds. been on meds ever since, because when I went off, the symptoms (voices, intrusive thoughts, muddled thinking, agitation, anxiety and self-harm) returned. Went back to hospital twice since my relapse, once because I stopped my pills.

I’ve been in remission for like 6 months. I hope I stay here…dont wanna go back to booze and that ■■■■ cray