Long-term Treatment of Schizophrenia: New Data and New Strategies

University of Mass. Presentation at their Psychiatry Hospital:



I was pleased to watch this video. The speaker’s voice was easy to understand and the slide presentation did come to me on the split screen.

Hopefully, I can keep myself alive for some more years!

I was interested to hear what the doctor had to say about “demoralization” in schizophrenics and realize all the sources that helped me in overcoming demoralization. Spiritual fellowships in which I have involved myself have helped me, for example. Closer to home, I’ve found encouragement through my association with schizophrenia.com for greater than a decade.

I’m looking at a number of folks in my present life who are struggling so close to demoralization I’ll now be more sensitive to that need in folks in my ken



And we’ve found a lot of encouragement from you. Thanks for participating. Thats whats great about these forums - we all benefit from the interactions with each other.