Long Term Covid Rules Adverse Medical Conditions

(Many places have returned to a semblance of normalcy. But some people have had a Heck of a long time being in quarantine on and off. We at the Yo Yo institute have found some adverse health conditions from such a situation)
Lysol lung- When that compulsive member of your household sprays every day the effect on your lungs is unfortunate. The only cure is to smoke more.
Manic Monday- After all that time stuck with your kids they finally go to school. This results in a manic euphoria that causes you to do stupid things.
Nirvana- If you were one of the unfortunate people in lonely isolation you may have found Nirvana.
Bad kids syndrome- After all that time giving attention to your kids they go back to school. They miss the attention and act out as a result.
Blue balls syndrome- For the lonely guys. Speaks for itself.
DIY Syndrome- All that time in your house makes you notice its imperfections. So you are compulsively fixing them.
Inflation shock- Anger from going to the gas tank or grocery store and noticing how high the prices have gotten.
Atrophied muscles- You haven’t worked out in so long you can barely lift your coffee cup.
Mirror shock- Shock from looking in the mirror. Yep it’s been over 2 years.

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