Long list of chores, but to lazy and bored to do them

Cleaning my balcony. Doing the dishes. Wash clothes, buying groceries etc.

But for some reason i can’t do it today, a part of me want to drink alcohol again, but last time i drank, i didn’t enjoy it and it made me unstable, so that’s not an option.

TV Is boring, radio is boring … but at least i can listen to Grateful Dead: “Live at Cornell.”

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Have a day off. You done enough. Do tomorrow one chore, the next day the next. Have 2 days off and work yourself slowly through it.:+1:

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Good idea, doing chores was the way out of my depression, so it’s only good if there is something left to do :wink:

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Yeah, you got to learn to stretch these jobs otherwise you haven’t got anything to do anymore.:grinning:

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I had to do dishes so I could eat lol, all done now, go me!!


I did that yesterday. Went grocery shopping and did some laundry. Still have more laundry to do. Should vacuum.

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I tend to run out of steam as the day goes on.

If these chores don’t happen Sat-Sun, they will be left for a week until I stop working again.

Do what I can, and try my best to do things.

It’s silly really, as some chores don’t actually take that long

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Yeah, chores don’t take that long and often you are feeling better after you done them. And mostly more enjoyable than thinking about them.

But today all i can do is sit and wait for something i don’t know what is.

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I have stuff to clean today too. I’m also not feeling motivated. We have to move the furniture and clean under it today, plus laundry, dishes, and bathroom


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