Long drive in the morning

So David and I are going on a 3 hour drive so he can see a specialist that another specialist recommended… I told David we are going to bed at 8pm so we can get up at either 4 or 4:30 am so we can be on the road by between 5 and 5:40 am

We plan on the way to stop by sam’s club and buy some meat and gluten free things for me

All in all I’m gonna be driving 6 hours tomorrow! Maybe a little longer


How will you keep the meat cold?

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@rocket a cooler full of ice… We plan to stop at sam’s club after the appointment on the way back where at most it will be 2 hours left of driving


Well, have a safe trip!

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Thanks @rocket 15

Drive safe. :monkey::monkey::monkey:

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Thank you @GrayBear

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