Long Day at the Office Continues

So had a big day today. My senior at the cricket club has some health issues that haven’t been sorted out and kinda worried about him. He’s in the process or getting things sorted out but meantime I’ve been working my ass off at the cricket club. Usually we share the duties so I’ll mow the oval whilst he concentrates on the wicket…Lately I’ve been doing most of it.

Like it’s not a big deal. I’m at my max at what I want to work and it’s rewarding in itself. Still. It’s a worry if the old boy has to step aside. It’ll make my usual two half days a week volunteering considerably longer but I got a decent break with the covid so I will do what I have too. Meanwhile. Long day. I feel stuffed but I don’t mind that feeling of physical tiredness! :slight_smile:


How’s the lock down for you guys over there? It’s bad here in the states, we just went into another lockdown in California that’s as strict as it was back in March. I really wanted to start volunteering just to get out but it looks like we have to wait on the Pfizer vaccine for that.

Exercise is probably great, me I feel like the tin man without oil every morning I wake up. It’s hard to push past that initial feeling of being locked up in your muscles to actually do some exercise.


We are out of lockdown so the cricket season continues. Most states are clear of covid after all the isolating so they’ve done a pretty good job. I see we are starting to get people fly back into the country and all it takes is one person to not do the quarantine but we are doing ok!


Could you not see if you can get an apprentice?

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haha…would love one @Joker but it’s all volunteer so most folk work etc. I need someone to retire and come help me. That would be bogus!

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Maybe you could put an ad in the local paper?

Sure there must be a fair few people who need the fresh air and might want to help?

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