Lonely in the nights

Find myself bored and lonely a lot in the evenings. Need internet friends to talk to. A texting buddy. Maybe I should also pick up a hobby like crochet, reading or playstation. Anyone want to talk to me?


Im here to talk, i felt the exact same yesterday

Its difficult if you live alone because theres nobody around, theres nothing else to focus on but your own thoughts which end up consuming you


What do you like doing?

Currently i read, listen to music and smoke cigarettes. Im studying a maths degree which keeps me entertained

How about yourself?

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Cool I’m bad at maths. I’m giving up smoking at the moment. Using a mouthspray. Have you ever had problems with focus because if schizophrenia?

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Yes. But i have learnt that if you keep trying you make small progress. I think smoking doesnt help

Im trying to quit smoking too!

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Yeah giving up smoking’s hard. I chain smoke when I smoke.

How many tines have you been in hospital?

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I used to chain smoke too, im a little less intensive nowadays.

Ive been hospitalised maybe 5 times i think. Longest stay was six months. Which was my most recent hospitalization. Its taking me time to get focus back. But it is slowly coming back

Do you have anything youd study or have studied? I found that studying helps to prevent thinking going awry

Yeah I’ve been in hospital five times as well. Haven’t been in in nearly four years.

I studied creative writing and now work as a reporter.

It took me a very long time to get focus back.

What age are you? Are you male or female? What age did you go to hospital first?

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27 male, its great that you work! Thats a big positive. I had to quit the last two jobs i held

I frist went aged 22

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I first went in at 26. 38 now. Hope mental health is behind me. I’m on depo injection. Do you take any meds?

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I hope the same for you, im on depot too. Abilify 400mg i think or 900, cant remember which number.

How long have you been on the depot for? After hospitalization, how long did you wait before going back to work?

I’ve been on depot since last hospilaisation. I was always trying to get off meds before and always ended up in psychosis. I’ve accepted I need to take meds now.

I stopped working at 23 and started again 12 months ago at 37.

Were you off meds when you got ill?

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Yup, i was off meds. I did/do the exact same thing

Meds have stablised me, and i think when i get strong enough to have the meds and my normal self ill go back to work too. In the mean time, I’ll complete this degree and a masters so that i can do a phd. I hope this works out for me

Do you like reporting, what kind of jounralism are you currently undertaking?

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Community journalism. I’m going to have to go to sleep. I’ll sign back in tonorrow to continue this conversation.

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Sure, no problemo, sleep well. Good luck with tomorrow

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Can’t sleep. Are you still here?

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i’m here kind of lonely myself on this evening. no friends in the area.

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Still here, i just woke up

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Where are you based?