Lonely and ridiculous

There are so many lonely people out there that would love to meet you. So why are they so hard to find? Someone will cash in on it sooner or later. I’m too Stoopid. Masterbating monkey, lol.

I just want someone other than my parents to go for coffee with

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I’m happy to have coffee with my stepmom every morning. My dad doesn’t drink coffee.

I do the same, but we see each other mornings only

The rest of the day I don’t have anyone else who I can go with

Don’t want to be so reliant on my parents, as they have lives to lead as well

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I go to two mental health groups where we all go for coffee. At CBT we sometimes go to either Cantabria or Dunkin and at Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment we go to Cantabria because there’s construction until October by my mental health place.

I don’t know. I guess if one is stuck at meeting someone new, it requires some sort of change in the way we live our lives to get there.

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