Loneliness Is a cloak

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Loneliness is a decision.
Loneliness is a concoction.
Loneliness is a pity party.
Loneliness is a policy.
Loneliness is a… choice.

There is a distinct difference between being alone and being lonely. (Believe me, I have been both, so I know.) I have been alone without dying, moping, crying or feeling sorry for myself. That’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.

The people I respect most on this forum are the same sort of people I respect most in AA and NA: The ones who reach out to support others rather than stew in their own juice. (Though I fully understand why they do.)

I agree
I like own company but everyone feels lonely sometimes
I don’t complain I’m ill I’m unlucky in that respect but the world doesn’t owe me anything

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being lonely is far better than feeling lonely…

I feel terribly ■■■■■■■ lonely.

Hah, just so hard to feel like life didn’t dead end right before I got sick back then.

I’m doing something wrong and I got to figure out how to get past it.i think extensive isolation might help. Just break me out of my need to have other people around.

6 billion people on this planet and we are lonely still. You just gotta laugh at this sometimes. I think that I’m just punishing myself for finding fault with everything and everyone so that I will appreciate them like we all should. I really am starting to appreciate there being other people to have to deal with in life.


Quote of the day…

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