Loneliness and negative hallucinations

I feel so isolated today. I have no friends or family and I’m getting negative hallucinations from hour to hour… it’s so depressing. Even the mental health helpline said there’s nothing much I can do but focus on myself…

Try and get out of the house for a long walk. It’ll help feel less isolated also stops the wall from seeming to close in on you. Keep your pdoc informed also. I hope you feel better soon.

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I have felt that way in the past when I couldn’t even bother my family with it and had no friends to turn to either. I think I was born like this and learned to find the power I needed on the inside.

I did have to go see the doctor to get a anti- depressant med that helped me out of that rut I was in. . I wouldn’t even turn on the music for comfort when I felt really bad because it just made it worse. I can usually defuse my delusions by going out to the stores to get something I needed but I never go anywhere without a plan.

I do have family that treats me like I was when I wasn’t having these problems, when we were all living together and that alone really helps me to kind of trick the mind into going back to the original default plan, but I still do not really turn to them for help and understanding when it gets to it’s lowest point, and so learned to better understand this myself.

It’s sort of an interesting cycle… the self hate makes me isolate… I almost talk myself into negative thinking.

I have some very supportive family members who I know love me… but I get into this idea that I shouldn’t go to them… bother them… and then I feel worse… then I begin to believe they can’t help me at all… or even like me… it all gets worse from there.

Therapy helped… just someone to talk to…

If there is a help line that might be a good place to start for a connection.

The worst I felt… the more dark and ugly my mind became… then the hallucinations would darken as well… I feel it’s all connected.

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I don’t like to lay my burdens on my family only because that would make them worry more about me living by myself again. And the depression from all this does happen in cycles so I know it won’t last long, and when it does hit me like a ton of bricks I just accept it and just take the bricks off one at a time and just roll with the punches that way. I wouldn’t want to be all that happy anyway by myself. I think it’s just natures way of trying to get us out and about so to take care of our problem naturally. Like it is just natural for us to be more sociable, but there are reasons why we don’t, but nature won’t be denied. I use to drink a lot to deal with it.


The worst of it… I tell my therapist about… I don’t lay that much head circus on my family… they would worry a lot.

I live with my sis and so I do end up letting her know when I need a little more space or a little more help.


Just remember this: They are just hallucinations.

Sometimes I had to go for a walk around the block and tell myself that fifty times while I looked straight at them. Slowly (more than I’d like, but… shrug) they always faded as I calmed down. Haven’t had any now for a while since I got my autonomic nervous system better balanced.

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Thanks for your post… May I ask what an autonomic nervous system is and how you went about it please? :blush:

I had to do this:



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Thanks! I am in the UK and like the idea. Apparently there is a centre in Herefordshire nearby!

I would say you should do something challenging and also rewarding, and if it’s not rewarding, reward yourself. Like go exercise or do some housework or cook something special for yourself. Play a video game, read complex books, play an instrument. Or just chill and watch anime and eat two avocado and chicken sandwiches, but I worked out and showered after it and then took a nap today, also talked to a friend over the phone, about to go hangout with my bros, maybe have a beer because I’ve been a good boy.

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