LOL should have section for like, age/sex/stuff

i am drunk! LOL

see?? LOL

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We should have a girl section @ThoughtBroadGirl as well.
You know, Vagina’s monologues girls power and ■■■■ like that.

Cheers :cocktail:

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Alan Turing was such a tragic figure. He was the man most responsible for breaking the Nazi enigma codes in WW II, which was crucial for winning the war. With the exception of perhaps Churchill, no man contributed more to winning the war. He was homosexual. After the war they tried to “cure” him of his homosexuality by forcing him to take estrogen, which he found humiliating. He committed suicide by eating an apple laced with cyanide.

wtf estrogen?? or do you mean testosterone? estrogen is the female hormone. or is like how when you are young and some parents make their kids smoke a whole pack of cigs at once. to teach them not to smoke?

also when i was young i was told not to hug my mom or females because it would make me a lesbian, and that lesbians really just hate men LOL

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i am bisexual i do not hate anyone who doesn’t hate me

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I know, but that what it said in “Time” magazine. I was surprised that they were using estrogen. It could have been a mistake on the part of “Time”, but then again, there have been a lot of crack pot theories in the medical profession.

true… 15 characters you are right it’s 15

u r so seductive sarad though i like u… r u serious or what?

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31/female/Cape Town

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58 female Florida

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Actually I was referring to the famous play by Eve Ensler.

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Then you must be Bruce Willis’s son.

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i was so ignorant…sorry u r such a clever girl. come to meet me i want 2 see u. and learn some of ur talent…

Ancient/no thanks/earth

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I just thought that the Secret is going to be revealed. :angry:


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i was being truthful, i am 850 years old, and male and from planet sith… :blush:
take care :alien: