LOL should have section for like, age/sex/stuff

cause it gets confusing specially with so many delusions.

so like post here. age/location/sex

I’m a question wrapped inside enigma, I hop in my slave one to track your homing signal

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i will share even though obvious by name and pic


850/male/alien…planet sith.
take care :alien:


why does none of this surprise me? i am NOT perfect and never will be. am gettin used to you folks though. want me? come an get me

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take care :alien:

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yes will do my best person.

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■■■■ this. but people no longer please me

wtf am i to do??? take care of my kind please?

Are Californians all thought broadcasters then?

SHHHHHHTTTTT who are you people?? who can i trust??? nope only me. i am the only one here.

you are not people/ prove it

WOW. no courage NONE OF YOU

You’re asking a bunch of people with paranoid delusions to reveal personal information to a stranger from the Internet. What exactly were you expecting the response to be?


It’s more difficult to prove than you might think

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oh what harm does it cause? 53 / male / Oklahoma

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Yeah, I was just thinking the other day that this site may be a computer generated interactive experiment wherein all the people are really like android personalities designed to pass as real human beings.

But an android would answer the question in an attempt to prove it was a person.

I was actually wondering what gender a lot of people here are myself. I seem to be one of the few people here that states these things in my profile.

thank you man. dang have been going throught HELL tryin to figure this out. LOL

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