Lol I'm getting really fat

I think I’m the fattest person on this forum

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Almost, I’m fatter :stuck_out_tongue:


No ways I’m so fat I can hardly fit through the door. I will beat anyone


I just might be the thinnest person on the forum. But, probably not because I’m not underweight. I’m at normal weight.

Im so fat when I wear a yellow tshirt the sun gets jealous ffs


I’m so fat that it wears me out putting on the seatbelt because it barely fits around my waist.

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Im so fat if i went bungee jumping i would go straight to hell !!!


I’m so fat I have my own solar system of 12 planets floating around me.

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I’m so fat I use grain silos for toilets.

I’m so fat that people run around me to get exercise.

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