Lol cows is big softies

I thought the big balloon rooster had a sword but then I realized that was the Washington monument behind him. That poofy weird rooster hair reminds me of someone…:thinking:

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They can be VERY tender if you get the right cut of meat or you cook a tougher one the right way.


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Probably another chicken. Or a rooster in a cock fight.

Ah… i thought it was a sword too… lol… def looks familiar…lol


Death by cow. …A man gets to the pearly gates and gets laughed out of heaven by 99% of all the other Darwin Award winners…

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I like what @anon80629714 has to say: “In India, cows and bulls roam the streets like royalty and never attack anybody”. That says a lot. Just goes to show how Americans treat animals is despicable. I wish Americans, including me, were less carnivorous.

i say that but leather is produced there too… i had an argument with a man there who had a go at my bro… so I pointed at his shoe…

LOL. Yeah, you got a point. But, you can always wear non leather shoes.

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I seen a video where the cows stand in the middle of the street and nobody does anything.

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The moo-cow-moo has a tail like rope,
An’ it’s ravelled down where it grows,
An’ it’s jest like feelin’ a piece of soap
All over the moo-cow’s nose.

The moo-cow-moo has lots of fun
Jest swingin’ its tail about,
But ef he opens his mouth, I run,
Cause that’s where the moo comes out.

(Edmund Vance Cook)


Me too. That would make meat more affordable for me!

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