Logging in as I begin the decent to reassessment under a new psychiatrist

Hello, all! My world has been a bit exhilaratingly topsy turvy :hugs:. My last psychiatrist snuck in a med knowingly that I had long qts. I argued against taking it, but she insisted. Thankfully, my cardiologist and pharmacist stepped in on my behalf expediting an appointment with a new psychiatrist next week. Is my C-PTSD better, well, I’m still a functioning insomniac, but now have my cognition, as unseeded “rip van winkle” meds, have been eradicated from my system. Best wishes to you all, and I hope all of you have a happy weekend!



@anon98519533 hey there friend long time no talk!!! Happy to hear from ya! I’m glad things are somewhat working for ya!

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Glad you got a new psychiatrist. Good you’ve got a decent pharmacist and Cardiologist. :slight_smile:

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1515Fo sho :+1::hugs::wink:!!

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