Lockdown living with my mum becoming a nightmare,she has never supported my Paranoid Schizophernia

Iam finding it very difficult living with my Mum,during lockdown,she has never really understood/supported me since I was diagnoized with Paranoid Schizophernia nearly 10 years ago,after being sectioned for a month.My Dad and my dog were my greatest support, but sadly no longer alive.My friends and family know what she’s like,but don’t really help me tbh.My mum has never supported me,or try to understand my condition,she treats be badly quite a lot and is a manipulative aswell.I need to get a part time job, to support my Ebay Business,as iam now desperate to get a place of my own,when lockdown is over.Any advice/help from you guys would me most appericated, thanks.

Are you on disability?

No self employed but not aloud to work at moment,due to Coronavirus lockdown where I live

Do you make enough to make you ineligible for disability?

Iam allowed to do permitted work to claim benefits,but I had to come off it,as I was earning over the limit selling on Ebay,so part time job,as extra income,when lockdown is over,is my only viable option.

Government usually can give you a shelter stipend, like a few hundred bucks for partial rent.

I live in the in the middle of the Irish Sea, just off the UK Mainland so not many options open to me tbh

Ok man good luck. I don’t know what else to say.

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Getting a job would be the best thing to do so you can move out. I wouldn’t want to live with my mom either.

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submit to her, it will align you and connect you to the natural power source designed by biology. The maternal attachment.

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Support her paranoid schizophrenia!

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You are lucky to be self-employed. Perhaps you are being a bit harsh on your mum — I found that when the illness was bad I was more susceptible to criticising my parents, so perhaps this is something to bear in mind. My parents are very good and in a few months I should be moving into my own accommodation.

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