Lockdown larder: a feast of quick and easy cake and cookie recipes

Interesting, there are no shortages here other than TP is a bit harder to find while the supply chain tries to catch up with people doing more pooping at home than at work, restaurants, or in malls. The panic buying seems to have subsided except for the meat panic a couple of weeks back. We bought half a beef through 4H a while ago so we’re good there.

Apparently, flour is a scarce commodity in the U.S. :man_cook: :bread: :cookie: :pie: :cupcake: :cake:

Same issue as with TP. Those who supply to restaurants and such have it piling up everywhere because the demand on that side of the market has mostly vanished. The consumer retail side has more than doubled because people aren’t eating out and they’re coping with boredom by baking more. There’s plenty of flour, but they’re having trouble getting it to where it’s being used now. We’re buying flour from our local bakery. We cart in an empty garbage pail we bought just for flour, they fill it and charge us a better price than we’d get at the market.

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