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My issue was with the “This is a support forum not a social forum” stance. I don’t see the things as being mutually exclusive.

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As a problem sometimes…this is getting ridiculous…not this thread or @firemonkey but the general state of the sz union…come on damit…its not that hard to be nice to each other…


I was comparing it to facebook, where all things are discussed and people get really riled up and argue with each other. I very much like that this forum is not like that, at least it wasn’t, nowadays it seems that every day is something. It’s terrible for my anxiety and I agree with @flameoftherhine, it’s not difficult at all to be supportive and nice to one another.


They’re not, generally. But when the social aspect conflicts with the support aspect, like it is now, the support aspect has to be the priority.


@flameoftherhine come join my group hug thread!

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I think this is ridiculous but then maybe there are private messages that were not aware of, either way, it’s stupid to blame somebody for triggering somebody else. If they, another forum user, have trigger problems they should goto their care providers, not censor others on the forum and blame them .

As @ninjastar said, both. And some regular users who have a history of trolling.

There are both private messages and public threads that you’re not aware of. And if someone is deliberately trying to upset and destabilize people, then the fault lies squarely with them, not with the targets of their actions. This is a civilized board.


A major fault with this forum software is the inability( which most other forum software has) to block people.
With a blocking option you block someone who annoys you too much/triggers you . Problem solved.

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If the trigger is intentional, or if the poster was warned about said subject being triggering, it’s the concern of who posts not the triggered person.

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I asked for it and was denied by the developers.

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From that it would appear that what the developers know about mental illness, and the need for a layer of protection, could be written on a pin head.

It’s a general forum software, not meant for mental health support specifically. I used to go to a writing forum that had the perfect software for this site, at least I thought so. Simple forum, separated categories, blocking ability, great really.

I feel bad if I trigger somebody else even on accident…and usually apologize…I had a if you could live forever rant trigger another user…I apologized and asked that it be hidden…I don’t care enough about my own posts or threads to be unconditionally attached to them…just let it go…


You can always Mute a member.

That’s why I suggest a separate Lounge section from the remainder.

I can’t believe the word “crazy” isn’t censored on a site like this. It’s a cuss word in my playbook. Oh well, carry on. Shrugs

Anyone can mute one or more users.

I didn’t know that was there, I muted Minni, let’s see if that works.

I muted others too, I can still see them, doesn’t seem to work. :frowning: