Loch Ness Monster 'might' be real, according to new scientific study



If you see the Loch Ness monster you just need to give it $3.50 and it will leave. Well according to South Park anyways.



…A big catfish?? Haha laughed at that one!

Genetics is the new frontier and sounds like a decent play for some publicity. I’d imagine it’s still a tourist destination. The story has made it world famous for sure.

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Ah nothing like being at Loch Ness peacefully fishing. Oh damn!!!



I don’t even read articles like this any more because they just make me mad.

Two points that stand out that still make me a skeptic is that the picture they used for the article is the most famous evidence they have to “prove” something exists. The only problem is that picture was debunked years ago when some guy came forward and explained that it was a hoax and explained in detail how he faked it. Kind of ruins this articles credibility for me that they used this picture.

And number two is that article just gives me a vibe that it is poorly written. It’s bordering on being amateurish.

And I’ll add a third point: some guy made the point that in this day and age when most people carry camera phones, why have sightings not gone up and why has no one snapped a good picture?

Hell, any delusion I’ve had for the past 38 years is more believable that all this crap about a Loch Ness Monster.


Good point. I think the reason that pic was used is bc that pic is what everyone knows.

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I guess, but it could be misinterpreted to someone who’s never seen it that it is good solid evidence. When it’s not.

I hope nessie is real. Bad ass she is.


I lol’d.

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