Locational psychosis?

Does anyone else only get psychosis in certain locations?

At my old house I used to constantly hear my “neighbors” talking about me. At my new house I dont really get psychosis.

Now I’m house sitting for my old roommates at the old house, and my psychosis is back in full force. This type of thing lends me to start believing delusions – the neighbors must be REALLY talking about me if I only hear voices in this house. But if thats true, my neighbors need to get lives because all they do is talk about me. Lol

Does anyone else have this problem? Its like I have to avoid very specific circumstances to avoid psychosis.

Move to a place where you will have peace of mind and better well-being.

Old places, old memories can trigger. I can’t be in my old room at my parents house. Just sitting in there for a few minutes, the voices like to chatter up about the old days.

I have to avoid triggering events and places. In fact I’ve had a few where I thought I was OK until I walked in and I was hit with a flash memory so confusing and embarrassing I ran way and sat in the car while my kid sis finished the shopping.