Local radio station

some nasty hoe on the radio said she was going to get me fired she put it one of her hip hop songs and I thought okay what ever u say honey ;<)

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If you think the radio is sending you messages, then this is a sign of mental illness and is called delusions of reference.


I am sorry you experienced that. It must be frustrating. I’m not saying it didn’t happen but I think seeing a psychiatrist and considering meds couldn’t hurt anything.


I’ve gotten really angry about what people were saying on the radio before. One time I was in a store, and I was angry about what this guy had said on the radio. This guy saw that I was angry, and he thought I was angry about something that had happened in the store. He made a really snide comment which I won’t repeat. I didn’t get angry with him because all my emotion was taken up by what I thought someone had said on the radio.

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